Property Investors' holdings in land and buildings comprise their biggest investment and most important physical assets.

Maximizing building system and system component life spans dramatically improves investors' return of and on their money. Alternately, timely system component renewal or conversion to updated technology can also pay dramatic dividends to both building owners and tenants.

How best to meet the challenge of deciding on steps to extend system and component life, timing of renewal and/or cost benefits of replacement with newer and more efficient technologies, or blend the two approaches?

What if;

Historical data and documents chronicling the plans, construction, repairs, renewals and events impacting the assets in question were available in real time anywhere you had internet access?

Site inspections/investigations/recommendations and remaining-life assessments of systems and components could be added to your reference data in real time - including pictures and infra red scans for structures, electrical and mechanical?

Future Service Schedules, Budgets for Operations, Repairs, Renewals and Replacements and Returns on Reserves could all be projected on inflation adjusted basis in user defined time frames as part of your reference data in real time?

Appointments, contacts, tasks and events related to each site, occupant or event could be coordinated and calendared as part of your reference data in real time?

Communications related to each asset could be recorded and stored as part of your reference data in real time?

Impacts of all the decisions considered or taken with respect to each of your assets could be viewed in real time based on impact to either the asset as a whole or in terms or impacts and proportional cost share of individual occupant, department or tenancy for a defined period of years, by annual or monthly result?

We deliver all of this and more!

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